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Steve’s Background

Having lived in Chicago for over 16 years, I know the city pretty well. I’ve bought and sold numerous condos, town homes, and single family homes in all the better neighborhoods. As the son of an architect, I know quality design and construction when I see it and have strong relationships with some of the better builders in the city.

Prior to moving to Chicago I worked in the advertising business in NYC where I developed a strong understanding of marketing and how to provide superior service to my Clients. I hope to put my aesthetic, marketing, and investment skills to work for you. If you are buying or selling your home, please read on…


Buying property is exciting stuff, and it should be. But as much as I want my Clients to be thrilled when they find that special home, I also try to keep them focused on real estate as an investment.

With today’s low interest rates a lot of people have stampeded out, “gold rush style,” to take advantage of their increased buying power. However, overpaying as little as 1% on the purchase price can largely negate the benefits of low financing. This is why whether buying their first condo or a 5 bedroom single family home, I urge my Clients to be patient, allowing extra time for their search so that the right deal for the right property can be struck with the most motivated seller we can find. This extra diligence pays off with what I call “sleep at night money”-- tens of thousands of dollars you might have paid for your new home, but didn’t. (Money you’ll be collecting later when it’s time to sell.)

To find out how I can help you maximize your investment, or to talk to some of my recent Clients, call me at: 773. 251.0141


Much like actually moving, the process of selling your home is usually a uniquely stressful experience. While some “bumpiness” is to be expected, selling your home can be a lot smoother if it’s optimized to show its very best, priced exactly right, and marketed like a summer blockbuster film. At R.Hawthorne Group, we all work together to make sure our properties sell quickly for the best price. Using the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), our own website, unique open houses, and custom signage and advertising, we know how to generate traffic and bring in ready and able buyers. If you’re thinking about listing your home and want to maximize your sale, call me…I’ve got some ideas for you. 773.251.0141